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Innovative solutions in the flower market

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The aim of Floradex is to enable digital solutions for a more efficient and transparent flower supply chain. Did you ever wonder if your current supplier is an optimal fit for your business? With the matching algorithms of Floradex the best suppliers with a proven quality track-record are suggested for your business. Along with the transparency of the supply chain provided by Floradex by monitoring between stages from grower to end-user, you are in the know of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Analytics

Understanding the supply chain and associated processes our clients participate in from Upstream to Downstream is indispensable to trace bottlenack and problem stages.

Internet of Things

The technology behind sensors and electronic chips is evolving rapidly and gives the opportunity to attach sensors to phisical goods on stages of the supply chain. These so-called IoT enables us not only to track and trac the goods, but also detect potential failure and fraud. Combined with cloud storage solutions enhances the value of massive amount of collected data.

Big Data Analytics

The underlying analytics used within the Big Data framework enables us to find insightfull patterns (Descriptive phase), where we apply our Machine Learning Algorithms to have a foresight (Predictive phase) on the processes within the supply chain. With this information, we can detect inefficient stages/processes and determine new optimal strategies (Prescriptive phase).



  • Siloed and per chain centralized information
  • Impossible to trace where, when and what regarding the conditions of the flowers being transported
  • Difficult to optimize (margins) over whole flower supply chain and prone to disruption in prior and subsequent sub-chains


Stakeholders could establish an industry-wide platform to onboard and manage supplier relationships and review the quality of flower products along the entire chain (e.g. freshness, temperaturs, humidity). Each user in the ecosystem would use a digital identity to access and participate on the platform. Contracts could be created to store and manage meta-data and events associated with supplier onboarding and relationship maintenance. This all enhances:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Price Transparency
  • Waste reduction
  • Reliability increase
  • Predictability
    • Disruption
    • Vaselife


Different possibilities for different roles


  • Digitalize your offering: Create your digital store
  • Get in contact with new customers
  • Get suggestions for new customers and wholesalers
  • Easily choose the right transporter
  • Review transporters


  • Get in contact with new growers
  • Monitor quality of flowers by different reporst including Cold Chain Raport and Vaselife Report
  • Review reputation of growers and transporters
  • Easily choose the right transporter
  • Receive suggestions to get in contact for growers matching your offering


  • Get in contact with new retailers matching your offering
  • Digitalize your offering
  • Easily select transporters
  • Review transporters
  • Monitor quality of flowers by different reporst including Cold Chain Raport and Vaselife Report


  • Get in contact with new customers
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Build reputation